During the pandemic and protests, we thank you for your care for the people and cultures of the world.  Also, we are hearing from our  friends and partners with both their support and expressing their value in WAE! You can and have made a
       The voices of our youth are saying:
The world we live in holds seven billion
people; thousands of languages
and trillions of stories, waiting to be told.
People are different and unique, yet all one!
It's not only the color of our skin,
our diversity makes us special on the
outside and the in.
While every name is no bigger than the
length of a hand, happiness knows no boundaries and is the
universal language all names understand.
We all struggle, we all smile, we all cry.
We are inter-connected and our diversity
shapes us and pulls us together.
We try to be grateful, to help the broken
hearted, to remember: “If not me, who? If not
now when? We belong together.
Our differences remind us of our shared
humanity together, we bring peace to the
world. Black hair, blond curls, beads in braids,
a kippah, a hijab-
Inside we are all spices-we make this
One world: filled with the wonder of our amazing stories.
Learning to see, eye to eye,
we celebrate together that being different
makes us human.
With our stories and dreams we teach each other about
Make friends, learn new languages and cross boundaries.
Our differences unite in the glow of one heart.
You’re a foreigner to me, I’m just as foreign
to you.
A rainbow has seven beautiful colors but we
don’t judge one over another.
Let’s partner to stop the oppression caused
by misdirected ambition.
Ignorance is the enemy, not people. We all
breathe the same air, and all our work shapes our singular world.
With a twinge of sadness and a glimmer of
hope, grateful for those we love and those who love
us, we know that we all share responsibility for
this world.
With effort and a little magic, we can change.
Everyone is special and important. In the
end, we are all explorers relying on each other.
From the 2015 WAE’s Bridges to the World Student Anthology. Compiled by Michael Glaser and Rachel Heinhorst.
We must recommit ourselves to build on WAE’s hope. Let us work together for a better world! We ask please for your thoughts, ideas, and willingness to help us to build together!
World Artists Experiences Vision is a world where citizens open dialogues and establish partnership to foster 
mutual understanding thus respect, trust, and small steps toward peace within our world.
Our Mission is to build bridges between diverse people of all cultures using cultural and citizen diplomacy through the universal language of the arts.
Our Programs encourage international interaction with the worlds people by providing channels for communication and exchanges, direct interaction with the people of the world
in communities and homes, providing cultural experiences for educators, students and the public, and
sustainable development opportunities.
Our Tools are the international language of the arts which share what is most culturally and spiritually meaningful to diverse groups.
Our Values:
  •  Uniting the world through dialogue
  •  Encouraging respect, trust and hope among all peoples in the world
  •  Celebrating the humanity that the arts express everywhere.
Our Guiding Principles:
  •  Listening, observing, sharing, and “walking in others’ shoes” to achieve mutual understanding
  •  Establish giving and receiving relationships
  •  Know the commonalities of people and cultures and respect  the differences
  •  Promote peace and hope in our world
  •  Promote hospitality and inclusiveness
  •  Promote international education to provide deep insights into the cultures and issues of the people of the world
  •  Create cultural partnerships
  •  Share humanity through the arts
                         MAY WE ASK FOR YOUR HELP?