KITE MAKING From Weifang, China

    Interactive Videoconference for all ages, June 2, 2023, 8:50 am EDT

    Learn how to make a kite! A live interactive video conference on June 2 at 8:50 am EDT will teach a traditional kite making technique from China. 

    This workshop features Liu Zhiliang, a traditional kite maker from Weifang, China. Free registration is available at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_3rIq2X04S_WxQlUqFNMocw. This event is provided by World Artists Experiences (WAE).

    Mr. Liu Zhijiang is a 4th generation kite maker of the Weifang kite technique and founder of Flying Kite Studio which is devoted to creating traditional and modern kites.

    Participants who wish to construct a kite during the presentation should have the following materials available for interactive kite making: 

    ·      Skeleton: Either bamboo, fiberglass or carbon fiber sticks. The outer diameter should be 2mm-1.5mm, and the length of one should be 28cm and the other of 38cm.

    ·      Surface: Tyvek or similar paper measuring 28cm×38cm

    ·      Utility knife

    ·      Ruler

    ·      Color pen or marker

    ·      White latex or white emulsion glue

    ·      Polyester thread



    • A Brief Introduction to Mr. LIU Zhijiang

      Mr. LIU Zhijiang, born in Weifang, China in 1973, is the fourth generation inheritor of Weifang traditional kite-making. He is now an Arts and Crafts Master of Weifang City, the Head of Kite R&D Center at Weifang Arts and Crafts Association, Supervisor of Weifang Kite Association, Supervisor of Weifang Kite Sports Association, Head of Weifang Arts and Crafts Association, Member of Weifang Intangible Cultural Protection Association, Founder of Ban Mo Fang Kite Studio, Resident Kite Expert of Weifang World Kite Museum, National First-class Kite Referee, National Level Social Sports Instructor, a professional technical leader and specially hired kite skills and painting instructor in traditional ethnic skills (kite)--the first kite major (associate degree) in China with Langfang Polytechnic Institute. Mr. Liu was admitted to the first professional kite school in China in 1989After graduation, he worked as Head of Exhibition Design Department, Weifang Kite Research Institute, International Kite Association, focusing on kite designs and exhibition development. He served as the manager of  Kite Exhibition Development Center at Weifang Kite Association in 1999, organizing and planning many different kite cultural exchange activities like kite competition exhibition and also serving as judge and referee for various domestic and international competitions. In 2005, he founded Flying Kite Studio, devoting to creating and making traditional and modern kites. Numerous works of his have won awards in domestic and international competitions and his kites have won great popularity both at home and abroad. He directed to reduplicate and repair plenty of exhibiting kites and planned to exhibit “China Traditional Kite Gallery”. Among which, the giant 100 meter Cobra King Snake soft kite designed and developed has won the highest award of the Weifang International Kite Festival - Best Innovative Class and Best Air Effect Award. The traditional kite made into the form of dragon-head and centipede-skeleton produced has won the most popular award in the National Handicraft Competition, Dancing and Throwing Shadows have won the Best Kite Making Performance Award at the 2018 National Kite Championships (Yixing), and the original traditional wooden kite series kite - Fengque - has won the first prize in the fourth National Traditional Kite Making Competition in 2019, The Wooden Kite Series - Wooden Kite Source won the gold medal in the 2020 China Kite Creative Design Competition. The "China Space Station" themed kite designed and produced in 2022 was successfully flown, attracting great attention and being reported by mainstream domestic and international media, enhancing the reputation and widespread attention of Weifang kites and folk art promotion. In recent years, he has been committed to the creation and design of traditional kite techniques, and actively participated in the promotion and inheritance of kite culture activities. He has served as a training instructor for the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, and Intangible Cultural Heritage techniques multiple times, and has been appointed as a visiting professor of kite techniques by multiple educational institutions. Currently, he is the head of the Weixian Traditional Kite Making and Inheritance Center in Banmofang, a project for the protection of intangible cultural heritage, Lecturer in charge of the Weifang Internship and Training Base for Ethnic Traditional Skills (Kite Direction) at Langfang Polytechnic Institute, and head of the Kite Creation Art Center for Graduates of Weifang Kite Technical School.



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