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The discovery of Zygris/Ladamantia; an Ancient Harbor along the Northwest Coast of Egypt”- A Zoom lecture on Friday, November 20th

REPUBLIC of EGYPT Educational and Cultural Bureau Presenting
An intriguing lecture titled  “The discovery of Zygris/Ladamantia; an
Ancient Harbor along the Northwest Coast of Egypt”
Presented by Professor Emad Khalil, Professor of Maritime Archaeology at the
Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University (Egypt)
On Friday, November 20th, 2020, 5:00pm EST On Zoom
Details about attending the lecture on Zoom follows:
Topic: The discovery of Zygris/Ladamantia
Time: Nov 20, 2020 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 812 4437 0845
Passcode: 070792
The discovery of Zygris/Ladamantia; an Ancient Harbour along the Northwest
Coast of Egypt
Since 2015, with the kind support of the Honor Frost Foundation, the
Alexandria University Centre for Maritime Archeology and Underwater Cultural
Heritage has been carrying out a systematic underwater archaeological survey
for the site of Zygris/Ladamantia (present Marsa Bagoush), c. 250km west of
Alexandria. The project revealed a wealth of evidence for intensive maritime
activities that extend from the 3rd century BC until the early 20th century
AD, which makes Zygris/Ladamantia one of the key anchorages on the Egyptian
Mediterranean coastline. Accordingly, this lecture will present the
discoveries that were made so far, and will look into the upcoming phase of
the project.
Emad Khalil is a Professor of Maritime Archaeology in the Department of
Archaeology and Greco-Roman Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria
University, Egypt. He is a UNESCO Chair-Holder in Underwater Cultural
Heritage. Professor Khalil is the Founding Director of the Alexandria Centre
for Maritime Archaeology & Underwater Cultural Heritage (CMAUCH). He is a
member of the UNESCO Scientific and Technical Advisory Body for the 2001
convention, a member of the ICOMOS International Committee on Underwater
Cultural Heritage (ICUCH), a member of the Scientific Committee in the World
Underwater Federation (CMAS) and Egypt’s representative in the UNESCO UNITIN
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                                      NATIVE AMERICAN DANCE

Fusion Musician & Fancy Dancer, Supaman

Christian Parrish Takes the Gun, known professionally as Supaman is an Apsaalooke rapper and fancy dancer who was born in Seattle Washington and grew up in Crow Agency, Montana. The child of struggling alcoholics, he spent part of his childhood in foster care before being raised by his mother. He began DJing in the 90s after hearing a Litefoot song (with the two touring together in 1999), In the fourth grade, Christian began dancing at powwows. While in elementary school he began to write poetry and later began to rap. He related to rap music because he felt he was going through the same issues that most artists were rapping about. Taking the name 'Supaman' at the spur of the moment in a DJ competition. Supaman began rapping in a more original style until he had a spiritual encounter that told him to live a better lifestyle and rap about more meaningful and inspirational topics. In the spiritual encounter he had, Supaman said his creator " let him know he was to do everything on his own.” 

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November is Native American Heritage Month. Since we cannot bring the Native American groups to be in our communities as WAE planned, we hope that you will enjoy this virtual with many wonderful Native American videos and cultural experiences included below. We are grateful to Mrs. June Krell -Salgado of the WAE’s Eastern Shore Ambassador Team who has been with many Native American Groups over many years for bringing this wonderful experience together for WAE.


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Virtual Cultural Immersions



The pandemic has deeply affected the lives of people all over the world. We hear stories from our friends who many of you have either experienced in your community or perhaps hosted in your homes.  All have disappointments, but hope remains high for the future. Until we can welcome and embrace our friends from around the world, we will keep in touch and let you hear from them through links and live Zooms.  We welcome your ideas for bridging people and cultures across continents (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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Our New and Changing World-Fall 2020 Newsletter

WAE newsletter 2020f

"From Topsy-Turvy to New Possibilities"


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Bringing Together Two Brazils Through Music and Culture - a zoom performance on September 24th at 7 pm ET

WAE Zoom Meeting Brazilian Music 9 24 2020

Brazilian musician Esdras Rodrigues will present a free webinar at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 24.  Rodrigues will perform Brazilian traditional and concert music and discuss how music helps to unify Brazil culture.  His presentation will be followed by questions and answers.

Rodrigues experience includes orchestral, Baroque, contemporary, and Brazilian music. He has performed throughout Brazil and in the United States, Germany, Greece, Vietnam, Singapore, Mexico, Argentina, and Australia. He currently focuses on Brazilian music playing both violin and rabeca, a Brazilian fiddle.

The webinar is sponsored by World Artists Experiences, a non-profit organization which bridges international understanding through citizen and cultural diplomacy.  For additional information see the WAE website at or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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A BULGARIAN MUSICAL JOURNEY A zoom performance on September 10, 2020 at 7:00pm ET

WAE Logo




September 3, 2020

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"The Sultanate of Oman in America”: August 26, 2020, at 7 PM on ZOOM 

World Artists Experiences

in Partnership with

Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center of the 

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Remember André Mehmari, the wonderful pianist from Brazil who came to WAE in April 2019 in Annapolis, Frostburg, and Salisbury? André lives in São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil as well as the Western Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere.

André Mehmari is considered one of Brazil's most talented musicians. His activities as pianist and composer are highly regarded in both popular and classical music. As his compositions have been performed by leading orchestras such as Orquestra Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo and chamber ensembles such as the São Paulo String Quartet, his career in jazz and Brazilian popular music has  attained wide attention both in Brazil and abroad.

Hear from André Mehmari, enjoy his music on his website and learn more about São Paulo on the You Tube link below  

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Eternal Screams:  Solving a 3000 Year Old Mystery - A Zoom discussion on August 13, 2020 5:00 PM Eastern Time


World Artists Experiences

in Partnership with


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Although we cannot come together for live performances at this time, we want to stay connected to you. Please enjoy this virtual performance from our own Anne Arundel County Public Schools and the Chamber Choir Megaron.


Virtual WAE Series

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NATALIA ARROYO ENSEMBLE: A performance in the Virtual WAE Series

Natalia Arroyo Ensamble


                            For our next virtual performance we welcome our friends in the

                                                        NATALIA ARROYO ENSEMBLE

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María Eugenia Aquino Fontana on the Cuisine of Paraguay

World Artists Experiences is pleased to present the following Ambassador Series events, Cultural Immersion Experiences, and special events.  Ambassador Series events are provided to the community at no cost; however, your tax-deductible contribution will be gratefully appreciated.

Ambassador Series 

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The Cuisine of Paraguay - July 1st Zoom lecture

Ambassador Series 


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  "The Business of Death in Ancient Egypt: The Discovery of a Mummification Workshop at Saqqara"


World Artists Experiences

in Partnership with


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During the pandemic and protests, we thank you for your care for the people and cultures of the world.  Also, we are hearing from our  friends and partners with both their support and expressing their value in WAE! You can and have made a
       The voices of our youth are saying:
The world we live in holds seven billion
people; thousands of languages
and trillions of stories, waiting to be told.
People are different and unique, yet all one!
It's not only the color of our skin,
our diversity makes us special on the
outside and the in.
While every name is no bigger than the
length of a hand, happiness knows no boundaries and is the
universal language all names understand.
We all struggle, we all smile, we all cry.
We are inter-connected and our diversity
shapes us and pulls us together.
We try to be grateful, to help the broken
hearted, to remember: “If not me, who? If not
now when? We belong together.
Our differences remind us of our shared
humanity together, we bring peace to the
world. Black hair, blond curls, beads in braids,
a kippah, a hijab-
Inside we are all spices-we make this
One world: filled with the wonder of our amazing stories.
Learning to see, eye to eye,
we celebrate together that being different
makes us human.
With our stories and dreams we teach each other about
Make friends, learn new languages and cross boundaries.
Our differences unite in the glow of one heart.
You’re a foreigner to me, I’m just as foreign
to you.
A rainbow has seven beautiful colors but we
don’t judge one over another.
Let’s partner to stop the oppression caused
by misdirected ambition.
Ignorance is the enemy, not people. We all
breathe the same air, and all our work shapes our singular world.
With a twinge of sadness and a glimmer of
hope, grateful for those we love and those who love
us, we know that we all share responsibility for
this world.
With effort and a little magic, we can change.
Everyone is special and important. In the
end, we are all explorers relying on each other.
From the 2015 WAE’s Bridges to the World Student Anthology. Compiled by Michael Glaser and Rachel Heinhorst.
We must recommit ourselves to build on WAE’s hope. Let us work together for a better world! We ask please for your thoughts, ideas, and willingness to help us to build together!
World Artists Experiences Vision is a world where citizens open dialogues and establish partnership to foster 
mutual understanding thus respect, trust, and small steps toward peace within our world.
Our Mission is to build bridges between diverse people of all cultures using cultural and citizen diplomacy through the universal language of the arts.
Our Programs encourage international interaction with the worlds people by providing channels for communication and exchanges, direct interaction with the people of the world
in communities and homes, providing cultural experiences for educators, students and the public, and
sustainable development opportunities.
Our Tools are the international language of the arts which share what is most culturally and spiritually meaningful to diverse groups.
Our Values:
  •  Uniting the world through dialogue
  •  Encouraging respect, trust and hope among all peoples in the world
  •  Celebrating the humanity that the arts express everywhere.
Our Guiding Principles:
  •  Listening, observing, sharing, and “walking in others’ shoes” to achieve mutual understanding
  •  Establish giving and receiving relationships
  •  Know the commonalities of people and cultures and respect  the differences
  •  Promote peace and hope in our world
  •  Promote hospitality and inclusiveness
  •  Promote international education to provide deep insights into the cultures and issues of the people of the world
  •  Create cultural partnerships
  •  Share humanity through the arts
                         MAY WE ASK FOR YOUR HELP?
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Dear World Artists Experiences' Friends,

This Virtual WAE features the internationally recognized Megaron Chamber Choir from Slovenia.  Founded in 2003, the chorus is distinguished by its inspiring interpretations of music from various periods and especially for its interpretative singing of Slovenian folk music.  The choir performed for WAE audiences last year in Annapolis, Cumberland, and Salisbury in Maryland and in Pittston, Pennsylvania.  Included are a few pictures.

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World Artists Experiences
in Partnership with
Educational and Cultural Bureau
Presents a series of LIVE LECTURES featuring the CULTURE OF EGYPT
The first live lecture,
followed by questions and answers 
On ZOOM  (see the link below)
Journey through Ancient Egypt 
Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty
 Egypt is the cradle of human civilization. On its land, migrations of people, traditions, philosophies and religious beliefs succededeach other for thousands of years. Evidence of this succession is still visible in the accumulation of monuments and sites attesting to a uniquely comprehensive cultural heritage. Indeed, one of the phenomena which shaped Egypt's distinctive identity, and explains its pervasive influence on the then known world, was a dynamism that accommodated and re-formulated these successive cultures into one homogeneous and harmonious  Egyptian canvas. Egypt is one civilization woven of many strands, threaded by successive and intertwining eras: the Pharaonic, the Graeco-Roman, the Coptic Christian, and the Islamic eras.
During the stages of this long history and the effects of different forms of civilization remained the Egyptian character in a distinctive cultural heritage. We can find the roots and origins of the majority of the phenomena of Science, Arts, Sports, or even traditional behaviors in the Egyptian community influenced by ancient Egyptian civilization, which can be traced in our lives nowadays. Not only this but also it  contributed to the Egyptian civilization in influencing a lot of other people and nations through aspects of civilization in various fields such as science and arts...etc.
Mohamed Hamza is inviting you to a scheduled ZOOM meeting.
Topic: Journey through Ancient Egypt
Time: May 28, 2020 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 898 2338 6427
Password: 024367
One tap mobile
Dial by your location
        +1 301 715 8592 US (Germantown)
        +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
Meeting ID: 898 2338 6427
Password: 024367
  •     As you enter the meeting mute your computer
  •     Hold questions until the lecture is completed
  •     Raise your hand on ZOOM to ask a question 
Here is a helpful web page on using ZOOM.
Mamdouh Mohamed ELDAMATY
Current Position:   
- Professor of Egyptology in the Dept. of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, 
- Chairman of the Archaeology Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities, 
- Head of the excavation mission at El-Matarya (Ancient Heliopolis) - Cairo, 
and Former Minister of Antiquities  
Awards and Honors: 
- Legion of Honor "Cavalier" from the Italian Government (Oct. 10. 2004). 
- State Award for Excellence in Social Sciences (Jun. 21. 2010) 
- Gold Medal of Charles University in Prague (Jun. 22. 2015) 
- Award of Appreciation in Social Sciences of Ain Shams University (May 28. 2018)  
Study and Degrees: 
- Bachelor of Egyptology, from the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, in May 1983. 
- M.A. in Egyptology, from the Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, in April 1989. 
- Doctor of Philosophy (Egyptology), from Trier University, Germany, in 
June 1995.  
Academic Positions held: 
- Professor of Egyptology in the Dept. of Archaeology, faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University (Aug. 21. 2006 to date). 
- Chairman of the Department of Archaeology in the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University (Sep. 12. 2006 - Sep. 12. 2009). 
- Director of Centre for Research, Counseling and Training, Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University (Oct. 15. 2008 - Oct. 13. 2009). 
- Director of Open Learning Center, Ain Shams University (Mar. 22. 2009 - Nov. 15. 2009). 
- Dean of the faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University (Sep. 13. 2009 - May 14. 2011)
Non-academic Positions held: 
- Minister of Antiquities of Egypt (Jun. 17. 2014 - Mar. 23. 2016). 
- Cultural Counsellor and Director of the Office of Educational Mission in the Egyptian Embassy in Germany, and supervisor of the Educational mission in the Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway (May. 15. 2011 - Jun. 16. 2014). 
- Director General of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and Supervisor of the abroad exhibitions in SCA. (Feb. 01. 2001 - Jan. 31. 2004).  
Scientific Publications:
Ten books and 28 scientific research papers in international and local scientific journals
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WAE Virtual Events! ... Embassy of Japan Compilation

Although we cannot come together for live performances at this time, we want to stay connected to you. Please enjoy these virtual performances from Bratislava.

Virtual WAE Series


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WAE Virtual Events! ... Bratislava Boys Choir Videos

Although we cannot come together for live performances at this time, we want to stay connected to you. Please enjoy these virtual performances from Bratislava.

Virtual WAE Series


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