From Buenos Aires, Argentina to Navarro, Italy, World Artists Experiences’ audiences can experience a bridge of sound and silence to bridge humanity on Sunday, April 4, at 10 a.m.  The program of silence and music offers a message of unity, listening, openness, hope through the sounds and silence in the musical composition From Silence to Silence composed by the renowned Italian composer and conductor, Federico Longo. 

The program is performed by a young cellist, Christina Coppola, playing from the Baptistry of the Cathedral of Novara in Italy, and the Prometheus Ensemble Choir playing in the Iglesia Mater Admirabilis church of Buenos Aires.  

The link, which be activated April 4 at 10:00 a.m.:  

The link will remain active for the next few following days.  

Federico Longo Excerpts

Over many years, Federico Longo has focused on exploring the expressive potential of sound, an element that precedes word and a concept logically founded and determined.  Sound places one on an archaic expressive-communicative level, putting man in a condition of primordial communication and sharing.

“Our journey is through sound, our journey is sound, our journey is sound to reach silence and unite all peoples. A bridge of sound and harmony that crosses the ocean and unites all of humanity.”

With the song From Silence to Silence, Federico Longo makes a sonic journey that starts from a condition of silence understood preceding communication, up to a delivery and measured silence, to which he can be entrusted with a specific expression.  

During the evolution of the piece, the sound will acquire more and more expressive power, almost coming to feel the need to be shouted.  For years, Longo has focused his activity as a composer on exploring the expressive potential of sound, an element that precedes the word.  If by word, we mean any concept that is logically founded and determined. For the composer, sound places us on an archaic expressive-communicative level, putting many in a condition of primordial communication and sharing.

From the Coccia Theatre in Novara, Italy, an important message of unity, of listening, of openness, of hope. And from the Iglesias Mater Admirabilis of Buenos Aires to the Baptistry of the Cathedral of Novara, the voices of the Prometheus Ensemble join the music of the young cellist, Christiana Coppola.

Federico Longo Bio

Federico Longo was born in Rome where he has studied Piano and Composition with Robert W. Mann.  He obtained a diploma in Orchestral Conducting at the Pescara Musical Academy with Donato Renzetti and the Wiener Meisterkurse diploma at the Vienna Hochschule für Musik. From 1997 to 2000 he continued his studies under the guidance of Gianluigi Gelmetti at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena where he was awarded several scholarships and the most prestigious “Diploma d’Onore”

His debuts at the Berlin Philharmonie and at the Sydney Opera House have marked the beginning of Federico Longs’s international career. On a permanent basis, he has conducted the Berlin- Brandenburg Kammerphilharmonie in Berlin, he has put on stage important lyrical and symphonic works such as Tchaikovsky’s “Eugen Onegin” and “Dornröschen” directing the Robert Schumann Philharmonie .  He has also participated with the Sächsische Kammerphilharmonie in the Wiederaufbaukonzert at the Dresden Freuenkirche.

In 2003 he made his debut in the concerts of the Master Series with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, an orchestra with which he has established an important and profitable relationship which has led him to the participation to four editions of the “Shock of the new”, to the “Meet the music” series and to carry out a series of recordings for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

He is a convinced supporter of contemporary music. He has conducted several world premiéres of symphonic music and lyrical operas all over the world like Flavio Testi’s “Saul” at the Roma Opera Theatre during the 2008 season.

The production has obtained a unanimous success and the Il Corriere della sera commented on his performance as being “.... vibrant and persuasive with a clever and careful conduction”.

The deep relationship established with the Sound as a conductor over the years has created in Federico the need to break the silence as a composer and to express the sounds that express his soul.

In 2013 Federico Longo’s first CD “La vena giusta del cristallo” for SOLO Piano was released by Valle Giovanni Edizioni Musicali & Ottododici.” The 11 tracks were composed and performed by Longo. He has since been performing his work around the world. He is currently working on realizing a new Cd. Federico Longo’s music is produced by renowned composer Maurizio Fabrizio, a highly regarded writer of Italian songs.

In 2009 the president of Italy awarded Longo the prestigious title of Cavaliere Ordine al merito della Repubblica italiana (Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic).



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