Musica Da Chiesa youtube recording  
The Renowned Czech musical duo, Musica Da Chiesa, of Ancient and Folk Musicians, gave a virtual performance of Czech folk-style music at on January 23, 2022, in a program sponsored by World Artists Experiences.
Dialogue Recording and You Tube of Concert - March 21, 2021


The Ambassador Series of World Experiences presents a country or region of the world through cultural experiences of artists known within their country in communities in the United States.  These world experiences may include music, dance, puppetry, visual arts, film, and numerous other art forms.  The arts bring the human spirit and rich cultural heritage of their countries to communities, including colleges and schools.  Embassies, Ministries of Culture and Education, and International Organizations are partners in these.

WAE Community Ambassador Teams provide giving and receiving opportunities for both the artist and the community. All of the community works as a team to meet and share experiences with the visiting artists.  They provide numerous opportunities for the artists to know the people and experience the culture in the United States.  WAE strives to bring the people of the world into communities so that both can know one another and enrich cross-cultural experiences.  WAE's hope is to build the rich diversity within
Communities, as well as bridge the people and cultures across the continents.

The artists are professionals or highly qualified youth or adult groups which have been recommended by the Embassy, Ministries or Culture, Conservatories, or International organizations.  They bring the art form to communities which most often represent the spirit of their countries.  Their art form is a universal language.

Help us to bridge our world by forming an Ambassador Team in your Community.  For further information or for someone to contact


Community Ambassador Teams plan, organize, implement, welcome, care for the group's coming to us, and are quiet goodwill ambassadors.

A handbook is prepared to help communities start their Ambassador Team. WAE will  connect with your community to assist you in developing an Ambassador Team and then work with you to organize for the groups that we bring from throughout the world to your community. 

Most often, communities are ones located away from Cities. All size communities can participate in various ways..


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