15th Annual 2023 Bridges to the World International Film Festival
2023 International Film Festival Flyer Final revised 1 23 2023
2/07 Uruguay
Mr. Kaplan (2014)
Alvaro Brechner 
90 minutes
2/14 International
Motion States Screendances
90 minutes
2/21 Jordan
Lamma dehket Monaliza (2012)
When Monaliza Smiled (English title)
Fadi Haddad
95 minutes

2/28 Poland
Godspeed, Los Palacios (2020)
Adam Nawroot
90 minutes
3/7 Pakistan
Parwaaz Hai Junoon (2018)
Soaring Is Passion (English Title)
Haseeb Hassan
130 minutes


Bridges to the World International Film Festival 

February 1 - March 1 2022



Bridges to the World International Film Festival


The Bridges to the World International Film Festival is a celebration of Maryland’s global reach and a reflection of those connections in the state.  It is coordinated by World Artists Experiences and Maryland’s Office of the Secretary of State International Division.   2021 is our 13th Season and highlights films from: Mozambique, Latvia, Mexico, Japan, and Egypt.  The films are selected and sponsored by the embassy of each country and are screened in six distinct regions of Maryland:  Annapolis, Bowie, California, Cumberland, Salisbury, and Towson.   Each film is introduced and is followed by a discussion.   

  • 2/2      Mozambique, On the Front Line (2018)
  • 2/9      Latvia, Mellow Mud (2016)
  • 2/16    Mexico, Redes (1935)
  • 2/23    Japan, For Love’s Sake (2018)
  • 3/2      Egypt, The Citizen (2013)
The 2021 Bridges to the World Film Festival Introductions and Country Information

A look at Mozambique, the country of origin for the first film in the 2021 Bridges to the World Film Festival, "On the Frontline: the Rangers of Gorongosa National Park"


 LATVIA: The introduction to "Mello Mud" from the February 9th zoom viewing of the film. https://youtu.be/zoGMIrOtLd4

MEXICO: The introduction to "Redes" from the February 16th zoom viewing of the film. https://youtu.be/nNjGS2SQwog

JAPAN: The introduction to "For Love's Sake" from the February 23rd zoom viewing of the film. 

EGYPT: The introduction to "The Citizen" from the March 2nd zoom viewing of the film. https://youtu.be/IySd8t40L2Q 

Countries previously featured

  • 2009 – Ecuador, China, Estonia, and Egypt
  • 2010 – Argentina, Korea, Russia, Nigeria, and Estonia
  • 2011 – Mexico, Vietnam, Poland, Iraq, and India
  • 2012 – Brazil, Japan, Austria, Turkey, and Sri Lanka
  • 2013 – Australia, Czech Republic, Israel, Taiwan and Uruguay
  • 2014 – Ukraine, Chile, Israel, China, and Slovenia
  • 2015 – Thailand, Peru, Sweden, China, and Kenya
  • 2016 – Israel, Slovakia, Philippines, Panama, and Syria
  • 2017 – Colombia, Korea, Hungary, Egypt, and Mexico
  • 2018 – Paraguay, Estonia, Jordan, Oman, and Bulgaria
  • 2019 – Lithuania, Israel, Mongolia, Mozambique, Canada
  • 2020 – Chile, Indonesia, Finland, China, Egypt

Cultural Ambassadors in Schools


To have cultural ambassadors in each school who can build bridges to the world; motivating and challenging all of the school staff and students to develop world knowledge, citizenship and spirit thus enhancing mutual understanding, respect, trust, hope and peace in the world.

Who is a Cultural Ambassador in Schools?

  • A person who finds joy in the cultures and arts of the world;
  • A person who is willing to learn from the world's people, culture, and the arts;
  • A person who is willing to walk in others shoes and see through other's eyes;
  • A person who embraces the vision of World Artists Experiences of building bridges of international
  • understanding;
  • A person who is willing to search for ways of developing mutual respect and caring for others throughout the world, and stir school spirit with this.
  • A person who knows the need for world citizenship responsibilities.

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