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Bridges of the World Fall 2018 News Letter

For 15 years, World Artists Experiences has journeyed together with people from more than 125 countries and thousands of volunteers to build bridges. By partnering with embassies, ministries of culture and education, and international organizations and institutions, the universal language of the arts brings countries’human spirit through World Artists Experiences’ Ambassador Series, International Education, Cultural Immersion, Receptive Diplomacy, and Sustainable Development.

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The artists come from all walks of life ... from professionals who perform on world stages, to those from everyday life, to youth who sing and dance. All genres bring joy to our communities, and, through these experiences, the arts reveal timeless, universal ideas and themes that transcend borders and overcome barriers.

Our local volunteers become laugh and cry together, share stories, break bread, learn, and live together. Our international friends experience life in the United States by visiting schools, retirement homes, and senior centers; lecturing; and through cultural exchanges. Through many experiences behind the stage, we share our lives.

The people of the world develop mutual understanding, respect, trust, and hope. Lasting friendships emerge.

The power of cultural and citizen diplomacy is huge, empowering everyone involved to make a difference. Giving and receiving, sharing, creating together, dialoguing, encouraging one another,and building harmony becomes a reality. World Artists Experiences

is a quest to walk in other’s shoes, to see through other’s eyes, and to hear through other’s ears while uniting the people and cultures of the world to achieve peace and harmony.

Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who created a 15-year journey to bridge people and cultures across the

pdfWAE Newsletter 2018

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