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WAE Virtual Events! ... Federico Longo Video

Although we cannot come together for live performances at this time, we want to stay connected to you. Please enjoy this virtual performance from beautiful Italy.

Virtual WAE Series


Maestro Federico Longo    

This week, we received this email with the thoughtful video from the beautiful pianist from Italy, Federico Longo, who we hosted several years ago.

Please sit back, listen, see, and think...

From Federico Longo,

"Here the atmosphere is very strange but we have to say that in moments like this the people find inside them the power and the human solidarity. 

I have just finished a work inspired by the Roman's Silence. In this particular moment Roma is empty and the atmosphere is surreal. In some sense this is full of Silence and we are making the experience of Silence within and without us. Here is the link where you can find this video.  I am happy to share it with you."  


From Silence To Silence

The music of Maestro Federico Longo and the images of the photographer Daniele Butera come together on a journey through the wonders and contradictions of the Eternal City, in a spiritual and emotional journey, where rhythm and melody interrupt and generate Silence bringing the spectator to a new and different way of perceiving what surrounds it.

More music at:

We all share the human spirit in these times of crisis. WAE has received emails from all over the world expressing their thoughts for everyone here.  During these days of silence , we hope that you will take time to reach out to someone across our continents and continue to build the solidarity of all people. We welcome your ideas for WAE to stay engaged.

Continue to bridge friends across the world, and be well,

Betty McGinnis, President 

& Board of Directors


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